Hey everyone! I decided to start a blog and share some photos that I've taken over the last few years. I really love taking pictures and hope that I can get into photography more. I intend to add pictures here regularly and hope my husband and I can go sightseeing more often now that I have weekends off. Georgia is really beautiful and there are many opportunities to get some gorgeous photos! I hope you stop by, kick your shoes off, pour some coffee and leave me some love! Let me know how you like it here! Take care and God bless y'all!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Velvet Skies

Talmadge Bridge, Savannah GA

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Owen said...

Many thanks for dropping in to visit my blog yesterday, really happy to see new names and discover new blogs... I lived in Beaufort, SC for a while, not to mention about 12 weeks on Parris Island, have good memories of Savannah, and all the coast around there... but that was a long time ago, many moons... take care and happy blogging...


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